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Serengeti National Parks

Manyara national park

Manyara national park is about 329 sq. km. The entrance rests 126km from Arusha. Inside the park, there is Lake Manyara which is a rift valley lake and its home-based to many water animals and birds. This park that contains Lake Manyara is a home-based to more than 400 bird species of which 300 are migratory birds, counting flamingo, Long-crested Eagle and Grey-headed Kingfisher, and several animals, which animate in the Giant fig trees, mahogany, groundwater woodland, acacia woods, Bush grasslands, Baobab strewn cliffs, and algae-streaked hot springs.
Animals in this Lake Manyara National park are such as Leopards, Lions, hippos, impalas, elephants, wildebeests, buffalo, warthogs, giraffes, baboons, zebras, blue primates, dik-dik, gazelle and hippos
Bird species are pelicans, cormorants, storks, Flamingos, and cormorants and most animals due to Lake Manyara.

What to do
Game drives, ethnic tours, canoeing, night game drive, bird viewing, community gait

By road: 2 hours from Arusha



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