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Mahale National Park

Mahale Mountains National Park is about 1 613 sq. km in size. It’s positioned around 128 km south of Kigoma town and East of Lake Tanganyika coast. It’s conquered by Mahale mountains the highest peak being Mt. Nkungwe that increases to 2 462mtrs above sea level. It’s home-grown to more than 82 types of mammals and around 355 types of birds, 26 classes of reptiles which animate in Miombo forest, riverine woodland, low-lying woodland, bamboo bushland and montane woodland
Animals in this park consist of: giant woodland squirrel, red-legged sun squirrel, brush-tailed porcupine, Angolan black-and-white colobus primates, bushy-tailed mongoose, banded mongoose, blue duiker, Sharpe’s grysbok, lions, Grant’s zebras, warthogs, giraffes, antelopes, sable antelopes, and Lichtenstein hartebeest, marsh mongoose, Atilax paludinosus, Smith’s red rock hare as well as Pronolagus rupestris
Bird species which are found here are: pennant-winged nightjars, Open-billed, spoonbills, crested cranes as well as pink-backed pelicans, African golden orioles, paradise fly-catchers together with saddle billed storks

What to do
Tracking wild familiarized chimpanzees Mountain ascending, Snorkeling Fishing Kayaking Soothing on the white, sandy beaches Sport Fishing Lake Tanganyika Cultural tourism doings in the neighboring villages & Walking safaris

By air: Drive to Mahale thru Kigoma winged from Dar es Salaam which is 3hrs and then link to the park by driving there
By Road: From Arusha, it’s around 2 or 3 days to reach Kigoma by coach



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